Market study
We start by collecting information about the existing initiatives and examples of recent and innovation oriented cooperation between digital screen industries and health, tourism and education sectors. The aim of the study will be to identify some the core issues and challenges that this project will need to address to be useful for its target audiences and sectors.

Location studies
Will serve the aim to learn in detail the needs of the digital audiovisual sector in different countries of the Baltic Sea Region.
Read the full Location Study for the Baltic Sea Region.
Also read some regional studies: Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein

The R&D activities of this project will support for other activites of the project, for instance analysis of the managerial issues of the production of prototypes or provide policy suggestions on how to further facilitate intersector cooperation in ways beneficial for screen and health industries, tourism and education.

Read the full study Cross-Innovation Between Audio-Visual and Tourism Sectors

Read the full study Cross-Innovation Between Audio-Visual and Health Sectors

These experiences will be accumulated to be used in further teaching of digital innovation. The project will prepare study modules on digital crossinnovation to be incorporated into higher education curricula on audiovisual media, game design, communication, tourism, innovation management, etc.