The prototype Emotion Gateway by Emotional Data Lab tracks emotional responses.

“Our project is a concept for tracking emotional responses when people have an immersive experience in VR environments. The system can be used by VR developers for testing and development. Emotion Gateway can track your emotional responses when you are playing a VR game, for instance. If the system detects when your stress level reaches a specific threshold and then this will cause a reaction in the program. Let us say, you’re a gamer and you really want to have an action-packed experience. Then you might actually want your stress level to go up. The system detects this based on knowing you as a user and can easily twig up the stress level and make the VR scene change accordingly. On the other hand, we thought very specifically about the safety aspect. If you are a 7-year-old kid and you don’t want to have a horrifying experience from the VR game, then the system will register a negative stressful response and then either change the scene or slow down or pause. Our concept can provide a safety switch built into different VR systems. What we have done is a very deliberate bottom-up perspective: we use open source software and open hardware. This gives us is the opportunity to offer solutions which are low-cost, scalable and can be tailored specifically to the needs. We believe that this is potentially attractive to smaller companies like startups.“

The prototype comprises of an additional computational module to both stationary and mobile VR that measures signals of potential emotion instances using biofeedback sensory and sound-based emotion detection. This features an open source API as a programming interface for developers, which might enable them to integrate emotive data into their VR and data analytical applications.


  • Thomas Bjørnsten, Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture – Aesthetics and Culture
  • Stephan Dreschen, CEO at Emolition

Presenting the prototype. Photo: Gorm Branderup