Screen time assistant Hoopy protects kids from excessive screen time and keeps the balance between valuable and entertaining activities. It is also a learning environment that engages kids with learning activities based on their interests and the level of knowledge in different subjects. It allows parents to manage kids’ screen time and follow their learning progress from parents’ own device.

Smartphone has become an inseparable part of our life. We’re checking the screen more than 100 times per day, from the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep, and our minds are constantly connected to the virtual world. Although smartphone makes our lives a lot easier, it has become clear that it decreases our general well-being – more stress, reduced sleep and lack of meaningful relationships are just a few outcomes on the surface. When children get their first smartphone or tablet, they enter the same limitless digital world and face the same threats as anybody else. Smart devices, where entertaining games and apps are fighting for users’ attention, inhibit children’s well-being and reduce time spent on developing activities which could help them to reach their dreams in the future.

We believe these small supercomputers should not weaken our minds and society, instead, they should serve us in the best possible way. As children are the most vulnerable group, we at Hoopy have decided to realign smartphones and tablets with their best interests. Together with children’s growth researchers from Estonia and educational experts from Finland, Hoopy redesigns the core user interface of an Android operating system in order to protect children from excessive screen-time and to balance the time spent with devices with nutritious learning activities. More on Hoopy in the blog.


  • Maiko Arras, Project Manager. 5+ years experience with early-stage tech start-ups. Previously co-founded mobile payment start-up Paych. Main competencies in Business Development and Product Management.
  • Siim Puniste, Sofware Developer. 5+ years experience in Android development. Previously worked at Axinom as a mobile team lead.
  • Kaire Lusti, Product Designer. 3+ years experience with UX/UI design. Has been product designer at start-ups Testlio and Scoro.


The creation of Hoopy took approximately one year. It is now available for Android and iOS. Partnering with Finnish largest mobile operator Elisa was an important milestone that made Hoopy available for all Estonian parents and kids. Co-branded solution Hoopy by Elisa was launched in Estonia on the 29th of August, 2018.

Elisa conducted a survey among parents in Estonia and 72 percent answered that they have had the problem where the kid spends too much time with the smartphone. “After going further with the survey it came out that the problem is not only the time that kids spend with smartphones but also how kids use that time. The majority of parents said it is very important that kids’ screen time is for activities which are not just entertaining but somehow educational or useful for them. The problem with available parental control solutions is that they are only for limiting apps and time.” said Andres Hiiepuu, the Director of Service Provider Business Unit of Elisa Estonia.

Hoopy provides a solution to exactly these problems which parents are struggling with. It ensures kids’ psychological well-being and intellectual growth in the virtual world by protecting them from excessive phone usage and balancing the entertaining screen time with learning activities. The partnership started during the back to school period where parents are buying the first smartphone for their kids.