Metatron is an AI- powered metadata generation and managing platform for media libraries, brought to life by Tanel Viksi. The volume of digital video grows exponentially in media libraries creating a need for more comprehensive metadata. At the same time metadata descriptors from the basic Dublin Core Set are too general to describe the complexity of a video. Without metadata, the archive will be rendered useless. There can be no retrieval and hence no need to store the bits.

The solution to finding suitable footage — image classification using AI. The problems with AI- powered search engines thus far are too abstract labels and concepts, also cloud of semi- relevant tags. Metatron is AI- powered search engine, API that combines input from several AI- indexers and has its own customizable baseline indexer(s). The company provides custom models for recognizing specific objects.

The value
Metatron is open system, customizable and cost effective. The clients are not dependable of input coming only from one indexer. The clients are B2B — media libraries (film archives, content owners, broadcasters).

Business model

  • Monthly subscription (API)
  • Media indexing fee per minute

Collaboration with the High Performance Computing Center, University of Tartu and the Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture, MEDIT. Support from the National Archives of Estonia and Estonian Public Broadcasting, ERR.