The prototype My Malmö was created by Ustwo. “We had the pleasure to work together with Media Evolution and the city of Malmö to design and prototype a digital experience for tourists, that removes the borders between digital and real world experiences. The result was My Malmö, an app that explores the known and unknowns of Malmö through tailored themes.” The tourist of today is aware, interested in local culture and engaged, often with a special interest and a will of experience things. Malmö, with its rich culture, has a lot to offer tourists and the challenge is to present it in a nice way. To ease the exploration of Malmö, Ustwo chose to base the experience on themes.

Themes are a way of putting relevant information together, giving the visitor a familiar starting point. From this, new and unexpected parts of the city can be discovered! Grouping content in themes adds value beyond the separate parts, and will make it easier for Malmö to create a relevant, exciting and unique experience. Typical themes are for example the big city festival in Malmö, Nordic Noir, comics or something else that Malmö is famous for. Themes are grouped around points of interests in the city, and can include content with interactive challenges, or interactions with the world around. It’s possible to re-use already existing content as well as handcrafting new, or a combination of the two.

WHY NORDIC NOIR? Malmö is famous among the fans of the Nordic Noir genre. People from all over the world come here to see the places where Bron (The Bridge) was filmed. But not everyone knows that Malmö has a lot more to offer besides the famous TV series. There are many amazing books, comics and movies where numerous crime scenes and investigations are happening in Malmö.


Themes have custom color scheme and layout. Nordic Noir theme page is made in dark colors to set the right atmosphere. Main theme image can be the key surprise for setting the atmosphere – here the street lights have a subtle flickering effect.

  • Walks  Different points of interest can be combined by topics into Walks. Walks can be different kinds of experiences, tied closely with your location and the physical environment. The experiences can include gamified treasure hunts, walks with AR content, audio walks, etc.
  • Effects  the content of each card has a narrative, and the map responds with effects overlays to compliment the storyline (rain drops).
  • Storytelling experience  By using animated content that appears as you scroll, we create an immersive experience that gets the reader’s attention. When you get to the right location, AR content is unlocked and available at spot.
  • Contextual tips  While being immersed in the experience, My Malmö offers tips just when you need them, for example lunch suggestions around noon. Here, you are offered with the closest food recommendations to you at your location, recommended by the locals of Malmö.

Adding the context. Apart from providing a unique thematic experience, My Malmö has to satisfy the basic needs of the travellers. These needs are, for example, finding a nice lunch place, an interesting event or must-see places.

  • Home view – The home page is an entry point to all the sections of My Malmö – Themes, Places, Events and Guides. Theme cards take central place in the view. Places and Events that relate to a theme are marked with the theme tag.
  • Customized tips – My Malmö can use factors like weather and positioning to give tips on what to do when you have some hours to spare. Perfect for the busy business traveller!
  • Trigger your phone – Walk to a specific location to unlock more content, receive instructions through sound or challenges for the next destination. This creates a unique experience just for you.
  • Interactive city – Use your phone to activate an installation in the city. Turn on fountains, play sound from hidden speakers and share your experience with the people around you.
  • Engage people – My Malmö helps people find their way through the city to discover hidden gems. Especially inspiring are tips from the locals.


My Malmö was developed by team from Ustwo. The technical solution includes:

  • Focus on iPhone for prototype as it has a larger user base
  • Use built in Apple ARKit for Augmented Reality functions
  • Use Apples vision library and CoreML for computer vision
  • Geofencing for outdoor tours
  • Beacons is an alternative for indoor tours
  • Full platform structure allowing new GeoQuizes to be setup in CMS
  • Lightweight CMS system based on the Contentful service
  • Mobile analytics and crash analytics will be integrated for usage and quality metrics according to best practices