The prototype Schleswig-Holstein Then and Now is the first 360° tourism film for cinema, making the historic sights, specific characteristics and historical milestones of Schleswig- Holsteins experienceable on all levels. The goal is to create a 360° cinema format that combines in a technically innovative and culturally unique way entertainment and information, promoting tourism in Schleswig-Holstein. In close co-operation with Tourism Agency Schleswig-Holstein, Helhed produces a hybrid: there is an approx. 15ms long dome film for 360° dome cinema as well as a VR-film in order to be able to exploit the film via “classical” VR-channels. Furthermore – once the cinematic format has been successful, the exploitation via an additional platform is feasible, allowing to experience single historic events and buildings via AR on mobile devices.


  • Christian Bahr, Helhed producer
  • Amrei Kriener, script development, cooperation with TASH – Tourism Agency Schleswig-Holstein


Christian Bahr and his team started in January 2018 on the development of the prototype and planned to finish by 31st of May 2018. Due to unexpectedly long and complicated process of receiving shooting permissions, and the atypically good weather –  no seaside breeze, the shooting had to be postponed and re-shooting necessary. That is why Schleswig-Holstein Then and Now was ready in October 2018. A public presentation took place in November.