The prototype is a virtual reality game about healthy diet aimed at children from the age 12. It’s a shooter game where the user chooses between healthy and not healthy food along with additional educational comments about the preferences. The purpose of Smart Choice is to teach the kids in a gamified way about healthy food choices. The idea comes from the traditional Lithuanian game where the narrator and leader throws the ball to the sitting children saying a name of a thing. If it is food, the player should catch the ball. If it is not: he or she should not catch it and throw it away. In this case the mechanisms of this game was used to elevate knowledge about the healthy foods and the ones that are not.


  • Bartosh Polonsky, main producer of the prototype, a well-known VR producer in Lithuania.
  • Tadas Burmonas, project developer, senior VR specialist.

The prototype was developed by Gluk Media. The designers and software engineers were employed by Gluk Media directly.


The game is based on virtual reality technology, through HTC VIVE system. The prototype development lasted around 1,5 year. The the concept, and its prototype version was developed and tested directly by the company’s members. They also had a number of children coming overs and trying the mechanisms of the game. At the moment this product is not developed further, as it is awaiting additional testing input, possible marketing and selling options. 

Testing the prototype