Like a lot of cities and regions in the Baltic Sea Region, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are popular shooting locations. But not only the production companies love shooting here – once the films are out in the movies or shown on television, tourists like to visit the original shooting locations. In order to attract tourists of all ages or to help movie lovers finding shooting locations, we wanted to create an interactive multimedia app, the Movie Map App. The app combines information about films shot in the region, specific “film walks” with interactive elements like selfie function (e.g. re-enactment of a scene); augmented reality virtual info boards, quiz elements and tasks to fulfil that – in a further version – can be rewarded with a price. Goal of the app is to enthuse the users for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and give them the possibility to discover the city and the region by visiting film locations.
The app targets various groups of users such as families, couples, tourist groups and best agers. Cooperation with gastronomy (culinary recommendations, advertising, “reward function”) movie rental (VoD, reduction on rental fees as reward) or with the film museum (special tour that ends in the museum, visitor is rewarded with a reduced entrance fee) can be an added value of the app. Until today, several institutions have shown interest in the prototype. So far, further development of the app has not been agreed.


  • Simon Mayrshofer, programmer – graduated in Computer and Electronic Sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 2013. He is associated to the young software development company Wunderfactory based in Hamburg.
  • Maximilian Mayrshofer, student – while studying film production at Super16 in Copenhagen has been responsible for the film and shooting locations.
  • Lisa Laub, project engineer – student in architecture and Freelancer has supported with screen design and conceptual design of the app.

The app has been programmed in Android and the prototype is now available in an “Alpha”- Testing group in the Google Play Store. The prototype features a Fatih Akin Tour and a Thriller tour in Hamburg but can be complemented with tours in any regions in the Baltic Sea Region. The prototype of the app has been developed and programmed in a little more than 450 working hours from the beginning of April through 31st of July 2017. The first public pitch has been during the digi:tal Aarhus conference on 15th of September 2017, a 2nd one during Geospectra on 30th of May 2018 in Malmö.

Pictures of Digi:tal Aarhus. Group picture: Julia Grosch (FFHSH), Simon Mayrshofer, Anna Preuß (FFHSH), Ruth Steimann (Hamburg Tourism).

Presentation video of the prototype