Resilio Technologies and Funday Factory explore how the techniques of heart rate variability biofeedback can be combined with VR gaming elements in order to make stress-preventing training such as slow breathing a fun and motivating activity.

As explained by the creators: “We have developed a virtual reality prototype for stress resilience training via breathing exercises. We combine what we call ‘scientific breathing’ with heart rate variability biofeedback in VR environments, this means we can put people into this virtual environment and train their stress resilience, motivate them with different experiences. We are working now with post-operation cancer treatment. We know from research that the heart rate variability biofeedback intervention has a great effect on stress, depression, anxiety and pain in relation to cancer treatment so we try to adapt our prototype to that purpose.”

Article on the project (in Danish).

Team (from Resilio in collaboration with Funday Factory)

  • Anders Søndergaard, CEO and co- founder
  • Helga Halkjær, stress resilience expert and co-founder
  • Thomas Scherning, CTO and co-founder


Resilio and Funday Factory worked together on prototyping. The technology that was used to create the prototype included Oculus Rift, Polar H7, PC and Unity. Experimenting, conceptualising, building and testing was done during the period of 2 month. Testing took place internally and involved employees from Resilio and Funday Factory.

There have been conversations with hospitals potentially interested in the technology as an alternative stress, anxiety and pain management intervention for cancer patients. Since demoing the prototype in September 2017 we have decided not to develop the prototype further. However, we still see the prototype as relevant and have proved that the concept is interesting. It can be part of future offering from Resilio to our consumers.

Presenting the prototype. Photo: Gorm Branderup

VResilio prototype presentation video