The prototype White Page (“Baltas Lapas” in Lithuanian) aims to actualise cultural heritage through the form of the VR film. This is only an initial prototype in developing a platform where cultural heritage sites would have their own story both located in situ and on the website. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre is the first cultural institution that “Baltas Lapas” actualises, before it will be closed for reconstruction. The VR movie will not only provide a story of a theatre, it will show how the National Drama Theatre functioned, what where the main spaces and areas, who were the actors and directors as seen from their own perspective. This product is aimed especially at the sites that are in transformation and are interested in telling their story. Who are willing to educate the public in their history, to show how the exterior and interior used to look, the way the place functioned and how it is changing to a new life.


  • Rūta Jekentaitė, Producer
  • Elena Kairytė, Director
  • Simas Chomentauskas, Technical engineer

The production is carried out by the Cinema Studio in collaboration with with other Nebula Cluster companies.


Production of the prototype started in late summer of 2018. Principal filming was conducted in the fall of same year. Now the material is in the post-production phase, where the footage will be directed into a single story and also prepared for several different platforms including VR and internet viewing. The filming has been conducted with self-constructed 360 rig of Black Magic cameras that were robotised. Additional funding is sought as the aim is to continue developing the prototype after the Cross Motion funded development phase ends, ensuring it’s production into a final product.

Fragment of the VR movie